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A Musical Journey from Iran to Southern California
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Alek Bazoukian is a prolific Armenian composer and conductor. Born in Julfa, Isfahan, Iran in the 1937, Bazoukian began composing at the age of 10. He mainly writes ensemble works for piano, strings, and vocals. He studied composition under Adam “Mr. Kapu” Kapuscinski, among other talented composers and musicians of the time. In the 1960’s, Bazoukian conducted the “Araz” choir who performed regularly throughout Iran – performing his original works and other repertoire.

In addition to composing and conducting, Bazoukian is multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, classical guitar, and accordion.
Throughout his lifetime, Bazoukian has composed over 200 original pieces. Additionally, he was a piano teacher in Iran during the rule of Mohammad Reza Shah, and taught the children of some of the most prestigious government officials at the time.

Bazoukian saw early signs of the political turmoil and civil unrest approaching and promptly immigrated to the Southern California right before the Iranian revolution in 1978. He currently teaches composition and continues to compose new music.

Unfortunately, many of his works for solo piano were left back in Iran and were lost during the 1978 Revolution. Most of his surviving works have been catalogued and published in three separate books, and a fourth book is currently in progress. The majority of works that have been published for piano and vocals, as well as dozens of choral and ensemble works.